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    Looking back in my transaction reports all the reversed (corrected) sales are removed. Therefore, there is no record of reversals and I have no way to see a particular merchant's history of this. It is as if it never happened. So, I am forced to keep all records of this myself. I guess, I am slow on the uptake here. Maybe, it was never there before.

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    Still there, choose corrections instead of corrected.


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    What kills me about this was I often selected merchants based in part on their chargeback percentage, that way I was not wasting time with lousy merchants. By example one of my merchants (well actually former merchants) a "cardservice", was one as I recall had like a 62% chargeback ratio, when I signed them I did not notice this and every single lead they charged back, had I seen that figure (did not know it existed at the time) I would have know I was wasting my time with this merchant but, instead it took me some time before I noticed that fact and once I did- byebye merchant -because I knew they were a waste of time but, the next guy coming along signing them has no way of knowing that now, that they do this all the time, and will waste their time too and basically indirectly rob from them because they are taking up space a paying merchant could be in.

    Sure you can still get a report on the chagebacks the merchants that are already "scruwing you over" you on but you can't see what they did network wide to everyboody else, to me a critical piece of information CJ has blindede us to.

    The excuse CJ gave me is that its in the EPC, well put it this way; "You can't tell what's in the bottom of a garbage can by looking at the can", throw all these lil figures into one convoluted figure and call it a godsend... I don't think so.

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    I like the previous metaphor.

    Especially in affiliate marketing it's important to have as much and as detailed information as possible. The effectiveness of your publishers relies on their ability to optimize. What is the advantage to removing this information?

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    What's the advantage of removing the information?
    Well, that's the $20,000 question, isn't it?

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