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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Affiliates earn 9.5% of each catalog sale! At this time, continuity enrollments are not being compensated.

    I assume continuity enrollments means those who join their coffee of the month or whatever club. Which is where they make their money and the thing that they promote.

    "Hi please send traffic to our site, but, the main thing we sell we won't give you any credit for.. "

    One of the links at performics even goes to the continuity program. wtf?



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    When they discontinued the continuity program I really meant to replace them. They are even kind enough to continue to track the action/lead, but just not debit anything. Now they even list the email addy of the customer where the order number should be. I wrote to Performics that this was horrifying since a dishonest affiliate could just harvest those email addys easily. Perf did answer (!!) that they are working with Gevalia to discontinue that, but here it is July and still I see folks' email addys if they order that continuity program.

    I lose money every month to that continuity program. I don't mention it, and I don't link to it, but every month some 5-15 folks decide they want that continuity program.

    Any other decent coffee merchants who actually convert? Stupidly sentimental about this coffee site since it was the first sales site I made when moving away from content.

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