I have a fix for some of you, but not everybody. This happened to me a long time ago so I know what is causing the problem for some.

At the first address of my website, before I moved it to its own domain, the host decided to move all the sites to a new server. Well, that was all well and good, but when they did, every time I went to look at my site, I kept getting the site on the old server, which did not include any updates I was making. I went round and round and round. They said it was my ISP, my ISP said it was them.

Finally! Somebody figured out that I had been to my site so many times on my computer, that the DNS address was deep in its memory. Well, when I couldn't get into Performics with my Road Runner connection, I logged on to my husbands dial-up account with my modem, but I still couldn't get in. However, when I went to my husband's computer and logged in to performics, I could get in. So, now I knew I've been to Performics so many times that I have one of those deep buried DNS or whatever on my computer. I'm not a technical person, but at least having been through this before, I knew there was a fix.

The amazing part, is the piece of paper I taped to the side of the filing cabinet with the solution on it was still taped there.

Okay, here's what you do. Close everything down.

Then go to your MS-DOS Prompt. at the C:>, type:

nbtstat -R

Press the ENTER key.

It should say: "Successful purge and preload of the NBT Remote Cache Name Table."

Close the MS-DOS Prompt window. Reboot your computer.

Now, go to the performics site.

It didn't work for me when I went through my Road Runner connection; however, when I logged on using my modem and husband's dial-up, I was able to get in. Once I was in, I disconnected the dial up and I can stay in with my Road Runner connection.

I think in my case, Road Runner hasn't updated its DNS, but my husband's dial-up has.

So, if your ISP has updated the DNS, this should clear the Cache deep inside your computer. If your ISP has not updated the DNS, you'll have to wait. I think most update every 24 hours. If you have an alternate ISP, try using it.