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    Let me start this by saying I have some weird things going on with my computer but....

    I have experienced a deep drop off in sales from Spiegel and Ultimate Outlet this month to terrible levels. Anybody else?

    I went into the link manager and all of my standard links show no active date at all or that they are in use. I'm not sure if this is part of my computer glitch or somehow related to my dropoff in sales. All of my custom built links show active dates but I still have a very low percentage of sales on them too.

    My computer glitch is probably related to installing market score for some testing and then uninstalling it. Many of my vendors links now don't show up at all on my screen via my lan connection but do show up when I dial in. The funny thing is that most of my vendors who don't show up are the ones I now have trouble converting into sales.

    If anyone else is having similar problems with sales or can shed some light on a potential display problem with links I sure would appreciate hearing from you.


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    January 18th, 2005
    Sorry I can't help you, sales were up in July, so it must be a problem your end...anyone else????

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    Thanks for the reply MouseJockey. You and others should be aware of something I just found which likely contributes to the very poor conversion rate I'm seeing.

    1) Select and item and do a checkout on it. here is part of problem, I have no promotion or offer code so they're starting to wonder.... What the heck just go ahead and hit checkout again.... Look at the bottom left of your screen at the "QuickCheckOut button.... hmmmmmmmm Click on it.

    Notice -

    Whats the payment-netscape? Are they siphoning off our sales when and if you log into them? BTW, I don't know this answer but.... I did add a post in another section
    and ask for someone who knows the details to check it.

    Hit back and look at the bottom of the screen? See that phone number [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]. There is another source of leaks.

    Many people will also request a catalog as well - Ooops notice that phone number again.

    No wonder I can't convert worth a crap with them. I'm calling their home office today to see if they will credit sales for phone orders if I give an affiliate ID. If not - I'm yanking them! My conversion rate is like .24 % and I've sent them over 5000 visitors.

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    hmmmm... Spiegel converts well for me -- don't have the stats in front of me, but they're consistently one of my top-five at Performics. But I haven't promoted the Outlet all that much.

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    Thanks Cedric...

    I haven't seen any evidence of leaks from AOL, but one has to wonder. If for no other reason that they are potentially an evil greedy mega-provider. Or if you prefer, another provider that like to help its users - thinking they are too stupid to think for themselves. I.e. why not steer "...our Internet ignorant users through our wonderful links to buy stuff."

    Sorry for all the superlatives, but they worry me (what do I know?). It would be great to hear more from folks that have been able to track clicks from their IP's/servers, to see if there is anything fishy there. Of course, I am talking about all affiliate links.


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