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    Sorry for the typo. Okay, so I got a reply about the datafeed. The setup fee is $200, unless "the account must have earned $10,000 in revenue". The revenue means what I'm getting in my bank account, right? My commission, not the sales. Okay, so with, let's say, $2,000 commissions it's my duty to pay $200 for the feed.
    Okay, so the next thing is I need more than 5 merchants in the feed, is it better to ask for all? Does every merchant on CJ have a data feed?
    Oh, the last thing. How much was your last sale of the month? It's 1st of May! To us!

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    It is 10k in sales not commission. I just confirm this yesterday with cj ask a question.

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    Yep, It's 10K in sales not commission.

    I think it's better to ask for all the feeds if you think that you can split them easily as per-merchant feeds.

    Every merchant on CJ does not have a datafeed.

    My Last sale of April was about 1100 USD which resulted in a commission of $303.something

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