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    January 18th, 2005
    Is it just me or is Morpheus seems to belong to about 50% of Performic's Merchants.

    Performics. Cancel them now. Read the Parasite forum.Parasite

    I know you read this board. But perhaps take a look at Cold Water Creek, and what is happening over there, there's a good explaination of what's going on with Morpheus.

    Put an End to Morpheus. You do have the Power.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I once had hopes that Performics was going to join CJ and LS as one of my top performers, but their lack of responsiveness in general has really dampened my enthusiasm and I've been slowly moving their links over to CJ and LS performers.

    I hope we hear something from them in regards to parasiteware, but at this point I have my doubts.

    OTOH, if they would take the lead in this situation, it would go a long long way towards restoring my faith in them as a viable network.

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