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    Hello -

    Just wondering if the "Links that have been disabled, but are still tracking" report in CJ works and would report links of mine that have been "shut off" by the vendor but are still getting clicks...




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    As I recall, "expired" links from merchants whose programs are still live (for instance, winter seasonal banners "expired" in the summer) actually still track and can generate commissions for you, so they wouldn't appear in the Invalid Link Report. That report only shows links which no longer bring commissions.

    Unfortunately, the expired-but-still-commissionable links usually take a hunting expidition to find them all unless you've only got them in specific sections...

    One place I often find expired links when I have been generating "mystery impressions" for them (imps keep showing up but I can never seem to see where the link is) is in SmartZones. It's easy to forget just which links have been put in an SZ...

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