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    Anyone care to guess why we're over 90 days late on Chadwicks payments but somehow all the other brylane home merchants have been able to pay in a respectable and timely fashion?

    Sure seems fishy to me! Who's on first? Peter?
    Nope, it must be Paul.

    Is waiting 120 or more days for a commission common with performics? I just started in May so I don't really know but..... common or not..... It's very unfair and seems obserde that the ABW members stand by and do nothing to make a point in these cases.

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    How do you find out if a merchant is late at paying? I usually don't get the full amount of the commissions owed but I don't know if it is late payments or reversals? Can you enlighten me on this?

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    and just when I thought I had their payment roster down pat...received my last check Sept 30th for payments to July 31st for some merchants and June 30th for others....erratic is probably the right word.

    "I haven't failed, I've just found 10,000 reasons why it doesn't work"
    Thomas Edison

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    wly - here's what I do.

    After the end of the month, run a client report and get total commissions owned. Open GRD orders are not included in this amount.

    Save the data to a spread sheet. As you get payments, go back to your spread sheet and x off who has paid.

    The result will be you can see who has paid for what time periods and who hasn't.

    All of my payments to date have been based on month end totals.

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