Every company ought to be blessed to have a dedicated group of poeple who provide free evaluations to their software and provide logical enhancement requests.

To that end, I though I'd be nice enogh to start one for Performics.

*) My number 1 request - Please add a timestamp along with the date to our reporting of transactions. That way we can see when orders have stopped being processed and help you identify problems that costs us both. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

*) I hate the double accounting of GRD transactions as previously noted. Not only is a non standard accounting procedure which destroys and audit trail for affiliates, it impacts our ability to see what link an order was made on behalf of unless it clears.

Suppose I have a $900 for company x and it's in GRD status. This order could be from a number of different sections from my site. I can't tell where it's from because the actual link it's associated with is not shown until it's cleared.

It the order is canceled - I never see what link the sale was associated with and I'm left wondering which I really realy really hate! Shouldn't we be able to tell where our orders are coming from before they clear? I say yes.

Perhaps some others will elaborate on their wishes to. Personally, I like the new interface overall but if you can see to schedule/add these changes, I'd appreciate it.