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    I think Performics should secure payment from them ahead of time BEFORE they claim chaptar 11.

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    Yes, I am still waiting for that Zany Brainy check from moons ago.... Interesting how all of the companies who sink go together. First Zany now this one who is partnered up with them. I would love to see my commissions from toysmart and etoys while I think of it. I could have a nice vacation on everyone who has vacationed on my hard work , LOL!

    Mama in Charge

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    IMO it seems criminal that the company would even start an affiliate program. I wonder how long the Chapter 11 was on the tables??

    Dear Valued Affiliate:

    We value your contribution, as an FAO Schwarz, The Right Start, and
    Zany Brainy affiliate and a member of the Performics network. We
    want to make sure you are aware of an important situation. On January
    13, 2003, FAO Schwarz, The Right Start, and Zany Brainy filed
    Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While this situation is unfortunate it does
    not mean that these three properties are going of out of business.
    It does, however, mean that neither Performics nor its affiliates
    will be able to collect fees for traffic driven over the last 3
    months and that Performics will no longer be working with these
    marketers. Each of the three accounts have been deactivated.

    Performics makes every effort to ensure prompt payment from
    marketers and has processes in place to minimize bad debt. FAO
    Schwarz, The Right Start, and Zany Brainy owes Performics and
    affiliates for recent activity but unfortunately the bankruptcy
    filing eliminates the debt. In the case of a Chapter 11 filing
    Performics has no means collecting for the past obligation.

    We regret this situation and appreciate your work with Performics
    and our other marketers. If you have any questions, please do not
    hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you for your support.



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