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    Performics screws us once again! Two months ago, Chiasso filed bankruptcy and instantly announced that they would not pay any past commissions. Today, Spiegel filed for Chapter 11. Not only is Spiegel my largest merchant at Performics, but they owe me money for the past several months (including the holiday season).

    If this happened on CJ, I'd at least have the money already for all but last month, but this is ridiculous! I'm going to lose several hundred dollars again because Performics allows their merchants to pay at their leisure.

    Thanks again Performics!!!

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    I don't really think that Performics is screwing you. Surly you understand that they (Performics) is also a creditor as we are.


    Show me the Big Bucks!

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Dear Performics Affiliates:

    As many of you are aware, Spiegel, Inc. and certain of its subsidiaries including Spiegel Catalog, Inc., Eddie Bauer, Inc. and Newport News, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection on Monday, March 17, 2003.

    As you are also likely aware, the filing of Spiegel's bankruptcy automatically suspends the collection of all of its obligations that have arisen prior to bankruptcy filing. As of March 17, 2003 Spiegel Catalog has not paid Performics for February affiliate activity. As you are also aware, your affiliate agreement states that you are only entitled to payment for affiliate sales once Performics has received payment from Spiegel. We have retained outside legal council to assist us in our collection efforts through the bankruptcy process. Additionally, we have also had preliminary discussions with officials of Spiegel Catalog, Inc. regarding all amounts currently owed to Performics. We hope to be able to report back to you shortly regarding the results of these efforts.

    The bankruptcy filing does not affect any affiliate activity that occurs after the filing. Accordingly, until further notice, YOU WILL BE PAID IN ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR AFFILIATE AGREEMENT FOR ALL ACTIVITY THAT OCCURS ON OR AFTER MARCH 17, 2003.

    While this recent event is unfortunate, each of the Spiegel properties has been a long-time client of Performics and we would appreciate your joining us in supporting Spiegel during the bankruptcy process.

    Along with the announcement of the bankruptcy filing, Spiegel, Inc. announced that it has secured a $400 million secured debtor-in-possession financing facility to be used to supplement the company's existing cash flow during the bankruptcy reorganization process. As noted above, unless we otherwise advise you, Spiegel Catalog, Inc. will be required to pay Performics in accordance with its current agreement with Performics for all affiliate activity generated on or after March 17th, 2003. Accordingly, we ask you to please leave all links live and continue to promote Spiegel's products on your site.

    We will continue to update you as more information becomes available. If you have any immediate questions please contact affiliate services at ...


    Performics Inc.

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    This SUCKS big time.

    They are asking us to keep the links on our site???!!! What the #%!@#$@?

    YES! Performics is partly responsible for this. They should have the sense to take secure payments in advance. They should never let a merchant go with outstanding commissions. If they would have taken these steps, this wouldn't happen.

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    Well I for want to address the part of the statement that says:


    My agreement already said I would get paid before I got stiffed!

    The Spiegel group has had a tendency to lag in paying by significant amounts of time (I recall them being 4 months behaid at 1 point and I raised an issue then).

    If performics wants affiliates to continue supporting a company that has stiffed them, they need to relay the importance to Spiegel of not being late in their payment processing going forward - especially in light of the situation.

    I am going to continue to market this group of companies in the interum but..... if they are late in payment processing in the future I will be pulling my links "again" and invite other affiliates to support me on this as well.

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    I dunno. We do a good volume with all 3 companies, especially Eddie Bauer. But should we keep our links active? How can Performics say that we are going to be paid for our activity beginning on March 17?

    What do you think? Keep the links active, or pull them and wait to see what happens?

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    I am not going to pull their links just yet, but I'll certainly keep an eye on them regarding future payment. I would also imagine that Performics will do their best to collect any monies that Speigel owes.

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