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    Okay I'v gotten like 10 messages already from performic merchants on trademark. here's just one I'll post. Why are they all of a sudden contact affiliates on this issue? Like I already know this and some others know this too. Of course some affiliates think it's okay to kill the merchants doing this.

    Dear Affiliate:

    On behalf of Linensource, Performics would like to thank you for
    being a part of their affiliate program. We appreciate your
    marketing efforts and your cooperation with the requirements of the
    Linensource Affiliate Program.

    As a reminder, there are certain restrictions on the use of the
    Linensource trademark and name.
    · Affiliates cannot use trademarks within the meta or hidden tags
    of a page, the page title or the URL.
    · Affiliates cannot bid on trademarks in paid search-engine
    · Linensource affiliates can use trademarks within the visible
    portion of a page body, as long as a link to
    · Affiliates are welcome to bid on other keywords if the keyword
    link points to a page on the affiliate site that uses
    Linensource's trademark appropriately.

    As a Linensource Affiliate you agree to abide by the trademark
    restrictions. If we discover that you are bidding on the brand
    name or URL or violating the agreement in any way you will be
    notified immediately. Subsequent violations will result in
    termination from our affiliate program.

    We appreciate your business and would like to continue the
    successful relationship. If you have any questions or concerns,
    please let us know.


    Linensource Affiliate Services Team

    goal: $5000 a month by 11/26
    Financial free by 2004.
    Jason- Santa Cruz, CA

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    to you too!

    Perhaps they'd rather look at a CHEAPER THAN LINENSOURCE page advertising someone else instead!

    I wouldn't be surprised if they had their name in the alt text of every banner--automatically putting every affiliate that doesn't change it in violation of the "hidden text" clause.

    If there's a big bunch of these messages going out, it's probably that those aff. managers went to some idiot meeting that advised them to do it. So they all just went and did it like typical sheeple.

    *I am not affiliated with Linensource. Nor have I gotten any notices like that from Perf. merchants, for that matter. I guess my merchants didn't receive that "advice", or didn't find it necessary to mass-mail warnings!

    ~Revenue is King

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    Leader I didn't mean it was the merchants fault. that was to those affiliates who would do such a thing. without contacting the merchant first. I always contact merchants before I use there trademark name.

    goal: $5000 a month by 11/26
    Financial free by 2004.
    Jason- Santa Cruz, CA

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