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    It seems Orvis is not writing a cookie!

    Performics cookie processing seems to follow the model of cookie updates always are added update in link[?].txt and an individual merchant cookie is also written.

    Thing is for Orvis, there is never a merchant cookie written that I've seen in my testing today.

    I backup my cookies, test the link do a compare and.... no merchant cookie for orvis. All others seem to write the merchant cookie. My links haven't expired either - I checked.

    If one of the performics hounds would look into this, it would be greatly apprecatited. Don't worry, I'll keep a check on it. For others who may also have very low conversion problems with Orvis - ugggh this is probably part of the problem.

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    That's interesting - and unsettling since Orvis is one of my main merchants.

    Thing is, though, most of my sales through them are through Cookies (I have lots of individual product links up). It will show 0 clicks for a day and 1 sale (thus, cookie enabled sale). Are you noticing this with banners or individual BYO links??

    Hopefully someone with some tech know-how can figure this out.

    Did you also notify Performics about this?


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