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    Performics has a couple new merchants, Soft Surroundings and Home Decorator's Collection.

    It appears both sites may be owned by the same people.

    Here's the problem...Go to the sites and add an item to your shopping basket. OK, then try to locate the Check Out link ...where is it?

    Where you think Check Out would be is a toll free 800 number staring you in the face. (Orders 800-749-7638)

    Maybe some of the shoppers will figure you click the red lettered print toward the top of the page that indicates what you just ordered.

    That link is not underlined. You'd never know it was a link if you didn't put your mouse over it.

    I don't know about you, but I'd never join a merchant that does this kind of thing.

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    January 17th, 2005
    I'm with you about sites with weird and obfuscated checkout routines... I can't STAND that and I abandon cart when I can't find the link to checkout in under 5 seconds. My time is waaay too valuable to be looking for checkout buttons. (I could be wasting time on ABW instead!) However...

    On I added some crap to my cart and right there in the top right (where it should be) is View Shopping Cart which upon mousover does turn red... Upon clicking that I see a big Checkout button. It (the button) seems to work.....

    Whats the problem? I've seen a lot worse.

    BTW, maybe its because I'm conditioned to ignore it, but, I didn't even see the 800 # ...



    I also just noticed in the 2nd most obvious place (lower left) :

    Your cart contains 2
    items totaling $558.00
    Click here to view your shopping cart
    Its in red and also reacts to mouseover...

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    Joe, add an item to the shopping cart...ok, then click up there "View Shopping Cart" says no items are in your shopping cart.

    No items in my shopping cart? I just put it in...darn it...I added it several times, still nothing in my shopping cart when I view it.

    Oh, but there's that handy 800 number again.

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    After several more attempts ...both IE and Netscape (as though that would matter)

    Here's a $49.00 item I tried to buy:

    "Your cart contains 1
    items totaling $49.00
    Click here to view your shopping cart."

    Actually click "here" Joe. You would of found there was no items in your shopping cart.

    Better get on the phone. You seen worse than this?

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    Heck, I've seen sites where there *wasn't* a shopping cart! (This site is being updated, until then please call... [and it never got updated].)

    And then there was the place that paid for new members...and had no way to register (it was fully open to all visitors, no signup possible)!


    ~Revenue is King

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    Thanks for your sign-up money Mr. Merchant. You're free to do what you will. We won't be checking your site to see if it is on the up and up.

    If we get affiliate complaints we'll look the other way. You can leave your non-working shopping cart broke for all we care. Heck, don't even have a shopping cart if you choose.

    It's a privilege to have you aboard.

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