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    January 18th, 2005
    I initially applied for Sears Home Place, and got declined. I don't think they made a proper evaluation.

    Then, a couple weeks later I applied to Sears Show Place and Sears Kids and get approved for both within 48 hours.

    Go figure. Anyway, as some as you may have noticed...when you go to Sears Show Place for example, there's a link on the top if you want to go to the main Sears website URL.

    Do we get commissions on anything whatsoever someone then buys on the main Sears site, or is this restricted to items in stock on the Sears Show Place website specifically?


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    January 18th, 2005
    For each of the "Sears" stores, you only get commission for the one that is linked directly to. You do not get commission for Sears, or if they go to one of the other "Sears" stores unless they go thru the direct link.

    Connie Berg

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    Thanks Connie.

    The thing is then that Sears Show Place for example has quite a bit of items out of stock.

    I'm going to feel like a fool putting them up knowing that alot of people are going to find their particular size or color out of stock, and wonder off to for other stuff.

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    Thanks Joseph.

    Boy, come to think of it, maybe I got declined for Sears Home Place because they saw that I had HomeVisions they knew they couldn't live up to HomeVisions conversions and I'd end up dumping them.

    Or worse yet, I'd be at ABW telling everyone about how aweful they convert compared to HomeVisions.

    Anyway, if they'd just have more things in stock on their mini sites I'd put them up.

    I'll just be another one of their approved affiliates never putting links up...a silent but loud message saying "HEY, WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING" !!!

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    Basically I do not ever push any major branded merchant since very few even have staff assigned to manage their affiliate programs. These totally silent 3rd party professional affiliate management services are experts at selling their skills to exploit leakage, diversion, access to Duper BHO's as part of their fee package. We all hear similar problems posted here that shows Sears is most like one of their accounts like Dell -Penny's- WalMart or a host of others.

    Professiona affiliate management firms could give a rats ass about addressing anyone not on their network furnished Duper affiliate list. Loading a few coupons or limited time specials into the autofeeds for the BHO's and pitching side mass advertising side deal schemes is all they do in a 40 hour work week. All their creativity comes from devising successful ways for to shaft normal affiliates by proven diversion tactics.

    The reason they don't come here or any other webmaster affiliate forum to post is they don't want their list of poorly managed/manipulated merchants exposed to normal affiliates. We only just recently see posts from their first cousins the merchant aggregrators like GSI. Any major branded merchant, outsourcing their affiliate program management,are interested in advertising ....not sales.

    Even an ABW mainstay like TigerDirect, when hiring BeFree's AM group to help run their BF program, gets squatt for their money. Look at the number and quality of their posts since that move last May. All payments have been late, no new creatives by the BF group, tired old banners don't even resolve to valid pages, 50% of the BF TigerDirect product links are OOS forever items and Andy has had to work twice as hard as before they became involved. What the hell do these so called professional affiliate management staff members do in a day, week month?

    Mike & Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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    "devising successful ways for to shaft normal affiliates by proven diversion tactics."

    Who they calling normal?

    I do pride myself in the fact that most of my best converting merchants are unknowns, so thanks for another reason to forget these people before giving them a chance to prove me normal.

    Sorry to hear about TigerDirect. Never considered them because they are at BeFree anyway.

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    I agree I have never had good luck with Be Free or For that matter evrybody says commission junction pays good but for all the tracked links that I have seen go their way from my sites. They pay like crap and have the lowest of all my affiliate programs as far as coversions.


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