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    January 17th, 2005
    It use to work. Recently I have held my tongue (in fact for the last few months) because of the backlash of "elders" stating my figures were not significant.

    Well, that may be the case, but my figures sure are difficult to swallow. Since the last CJ update my EPC has halved. It had held steady over the previous few months at between $12-$13 (down from Christmas high at around $20). Now, my EPC is a little over $6.

    Could it have been Google update? I originally thought so, but traffic is up, clicks are up (based on several hundred clicks per day). Sales unfortunately are not. So, please give me some more sales for complaining - it used to work.

    Andy Williams

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    January 17th, 2005
    For the past weeks my sales and epc drop a lot, getting more clicks and less sales. I guess everything has its up and down. I am still waiting patiently for the sales to go up.

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    If I complain do I get more sales?
    Seems to work fer me~!

    aka Cyclone

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    Count me in on this thread

    I know my traffic has picked up quite a bit the last month or so but the sales didn't quite seem to keep the pace of the traffic. The month of April was down a little bit from March but not by a whole lot. That was the first month commissions didn't increase this year.

    Could be the fact that the weather is getting better and I still haven't gotten around to making any spring or summer oriented pages. Something I need to do one of these years

    Coincidence Me baby!

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    Oh, I need to be here!

    Click throughs have increased for me quite a bit, but my commission will be less this month than last

    Come on, sales, come to Mommy, who is working SO hard to get you!

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