** 04/28/2004 UPDATE: Perfumania has paid their bill and will remain on the Performics network. **

I just phoned Performics to follow-up regarding Perfumania's payment status and Fannie Mae Candies' payment status as well.

The individual at Performics with whom I spoke stated that Perfumania had not yet made their payment. However, a follow-up call to Perfumania.com's marketing director led me to believe that they had, indeed, made their payment and that he had spoken with Performics' comptroller this morning and everything was OK.

Additionally, I was told that Performics is in court with Fannie Mae Candies regarding their delinquent payment. I believe that FMC filed for Chapter 11, so as far as this one goes, I'm not expecting payment.

I just e-mailed each of the affiliate program managers for an update and will post more info when I have it.