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    First let me start by saying this will not effect me directly, but I think that their new rules are far to reaching. Why even have an affiliate program? I have bolded the lines that I think when combined together are kinda nuts.

    Fossil has modified the guidelines set forth in their affiliate
    agreement and we wanted to make you aware of these changes.

    As an affiliate, you agree not to bid on (or purchase in any manner)
    keywords related to Fossil trade names, trademarks, and service
    marks, specifically the terms "Fossil, and/or any common
    misspelling, or confusingly similar name and/or phrase that
    includes "Fossil". Compliance includes but is not limited to
    pay-for-placement search engine(s), paid directories, paid index
    inclusions, targeted pop-ups, shopping portals, and price
    comparison Web sites.

    Additionally, all affiliates agree not to utilize, advertise or
    otherwise promote any Fossil promotional code, special offer,
    coupon, or product offer without first obtaining express written
    permission from Performics.
    (they provide codes in the interface occasionally, but you can't use them without express written permission? WTF???)

    The Fossil name is trademarked and is the intellectual property of
    Fossil. Trade names, trademarks, and service marks cannot be used
    alone or in any combination of words in:

    ·Web page META (keyword or description) tags

    ·Web page TITLE tags§ Web page ALT tags

    ·Web page NAME tags Domains and sub-domains

    ·URL's (query strings, variables, sub domains, etc.)

    ·Keywords or keyword phrases

    ·Paid placement keyword titles and descriptions

    ·Search engine submission titles, descriptions, keywords

    ·Any text on Web pages except for approved company descriptive paragraphs

    ·File names

    ·File directory names

    If you are currently using the trademarked name "Fossil" in any
    manner that violates usage as previously detailed, you have 10
    business days from the date of this notice to amend your practices.
    All affiliates are hereby notified that you will be audited for
    compliance on a regular basis and non-compliance will result in
    immediate suspension and/or termination of your account and
    possible forfeiture of commissions.

    There are many ways for you to build your business without
    infringing on our trademarks. You are free to create a textual
    links that refer your visitors to the Fossil Web site and to use
    approved marketing text on your referring pages. However, textual
    links must be embedded into the content of your site and may not be
    used in search engine optimization techniques. Search engine
    optimization and paid programs should focus on terms related to the
    business and merchandise (i.e. watches, apparel, leather goods,
    etc). Approved text links can be found in ConnectCommerce.
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    Kinda like Pepsico telling every corner variety store in the world to remove the "Pepsi" signs from their windows.

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    Haha beat me to it Michelle!

    I do promote them.. oh wait.. did promote them.

    How ridiculous. Oh no, our affiliates are kicking our asses in SE optimization! Oh no, we actually have to pay for all this advertising!

    Oh wait, didn't mention anything about parasites and bhos.. HMMMM...


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    Are we talking about Fossil ... as in, Fossil Watches? I have them through CJ ... I don't see any modified terms over there.


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    Yes the one and only...

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    any idea how to drop a merchant in performics?

    couldn't find any mention in their faq's

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    you have to make the request by email to performics to drop them.

    or just pull all the links from your sites.

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    Wow, And I thought Western Union had a tough line on this <SHAMELESS PLUG> I best make sure don't do the same </SHAMELESS PLUG>


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    The fact that I see Fossil popping up in Gator frequently is enough for me, even without all this other nonsense. Especially when I see them popping on other jewelry sites that have been arrived at through affiliate link click thrus.

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    I was going to post about the same thing. Absolutely ridiculous. They were on my list of merchants to look into promoting. Not a chance, now.

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