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    Just got an email from Performics that said Patagonia has opened an account with them. 7% and 60 day cookie. Better terms than over with CJ. Wonder if they will remain with both CJ and Performics or will migrate everything over to Performics??

    I don't promote Patagonia too heavily due to their association with Parasites, but for the limited stuff I do promote for them they do convert pretty well.

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    I don't promote Patagonia too much nowadays, partly because of the parasite connections partly because of the fact their datafeed at CJ has not been updated for about 3 years and almost every image is unavailable. The datafeed situation at CJ is pathetic for some merchants, especially when you think how much they have to pay them to be there

    With a bit of luck they might start to put out a regular datafeed at performics.
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    I notice both of your Patagonia links at the top of the page are through CJ. Might as well take a shot and move them over to Performics. Certainly can't do any worse.

    The only links I use through CJ anymore are for merchants I cannot get anywhere else. It's a shame, CJ used to be my favorite network.

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