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"As a leading provider of performance-based online marketing services and technologies, Performics dedicates resources to monitoring publisher activity and we are committed to guiding fair practices for advertisers and web publishers.

In December 2002 Performics joined with our industry peers to develop a Web Publisher's Code of Conduct to guide practices and adherence to ethical standards for online advertising. This Code of Conduct provided Performics and other industry leaders with guidelines to enforce fair practices and protect advertiser and affiliate interests. When the Code was developed we recognized that it would need to evolve to address new technologies and applications that emerged to test the envelope of performance-based marketing.

As evidence of our ongoing effort to shape the industry for the better, Performics and Commission Junction have updated the original Web Publisher's Code of Conduct to reflect current industry practices and clarify practices we see as inappropriate.

The updated Code of Conduct specifically identifies, as inappropriate, the concept of a "forced click," or any click that is generated by the publisher and not by the consumer. The update stipulates that "non end-user initiated events" are prohibited. Performics continues to work to identify prohibited activity conducted by affiliates. Any publisher found to generate clicks that are not initiated by the end-user will be notified and will be asked to comply with the Code of Conduct. If the publisher does not comply, the affiliate will be removed from the network.

This update, in part, addresses concerns regarding 180 Solutions/Metrics Direct’s alleged activities. It is important to note that the leadership of 180 Solutions has denied allegations of wrongdoing. But Performics has previously recommended that clients suspend 180 Solutions until they can provide evidence that their technology functions appropriately.

Click here to review the revised (and original) Code of Conduct.