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    Performics send my july check at wrong address . then again this month the address is wrong at payment notification . so almost they have send me 4 check ( same check 3 times and one new check ) . but i dont recieve any check ... however in each and every email i have send my correct address ...... can anyone let me know is it rule that check will be issued at same address again and again ? or can they make neccery changes in address on request ... what about those check , will i get them or i will never recieve them ???can they resend lost cheques at different address ????????????????????

    Thank you

    Ankur Arora

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    Have you updated your address thru the performics interface? If not I'd suggest you do - I doubt they will change the address based on an email.
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    actually my address is correct in address details of performics interface . the main problem is they donot write my country as "India " in the paymentnotification address. my performics interface tells that i live in india i mean i have selected my country as india . but they are not including it . its there error i guess

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