Hello Everyone,

My apologies to all shop4tech.com affiliate partners for not communicating with you directly to this date.

Perhaps you might have been wondering why I have been so unprofessional as to not even send you one email or newsletter since I started to manage this program on 10-12-04 and have only posted updates here on ABW. Well, I do believe in being a professional and also providing you the best "Customer Service", and it has been my intention since then to communicate with you, all shop4tech affiliates, (which I know there are many here on ABW) but due to certain circumstances beyond my control I have not been able to accomplish this.

Therefore starting today in an effort to communicate with you directly and faster I will personally send you emails, newsletters and important updates outside of performics network that pertain to shop4tech.com. From now on you can also hit reply and communicate with me openly, confidentially and instantly by sending emails direct to me at affiliates@shop4tech.com or you can always PM, or call me any time.

Again, I apologize for this delay and do thank you for your continued support of shop4tech.com

Thanks again,

Jorge Ramirez
Affiliate Program Manager - www.shop4tech.com

Jrami Consulting