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    My celeb photo site is new, but I've been sending photorazzi what I think is pretty good quality traffic for 3 weeks now, yet 500+ click-thrus haven't yielded a single piccie sale.

    These visitors have typically looked at a celeb on one of my poster sites, clicked through to my photo site then clicked thru to photorazzi.

    Is it too much to ask them to sell something to 1 in 500?

    What's your mileage?

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    Conversions to sales for photorazzi is horrible. In 5 months I've made a total of $39.89 and have yet to receive a payment even though it says minimum is $25 which I reached in August.

    Conversions work out to be about .005 per click.

    Personally I only leave the pages up because they are no maintenance and because I have my own server I have plenty of hard drive space.

    If anyone knows of another celebrity photo place with an affiliate program I'd be happy to switch to try someone new [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Thanks for confirming my fears.

    I'd PM you the following, but I can't see how to - seems sometimes I can on ABW, sometimes I can't. Newbies huh?

    I'm sure you will already know about <a href="" target="_top">
    AllPosters</A>? (That's my recruitment link - if that bothers anyone, this isn't.)

    They're by far my best performing affiliate program (I had them emailing me after last month LOL). Their celeb photos are more production and publicity shots rather than the Photorazzi "candid" style.

    Full disclosure - as a sub-affiliate of (it's their forum after all [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]) you can get their allposters script and generate pages for as much or as little of the allposters inventory as you like. I've been giving access to my allposters pages to my subaffiliates (see here) the difference being I have a much smaller number of pages - but their contents are hand picked rather than generated.

    But you probably knew the important parts of that anyway!

    It does raise an interesting general point that I will start a new thread on ...

    Stewart Hutton | Are you Crazy?

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