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    Any news on release of this?

    I'd really expect to use the Cusimano version, but there are a number of tools appearing in the marketplace and my fingers are getting itchy ...

    David - can you tell me/us if the XML script will produce complete stores itself (like photorazzi or gocollect) or will it require a pre-existing structure? (I suspect the latter).


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    A beta of my XML will be available shortly in October. An announcement will be sent by email to current users. I have been running the beta XML version on my own sites for the past few weeks.

    The current and XML versions of do not create static HTML pages. However, XML supports SSI (server side includes) so you can include output in any page as actual HTML (which can be spidered) rather than <script> tag generated output (which is spidered).

    Before your fingers get too itchy.... you'll be pleased to know that the non-XML and XML versions of are plug-compatible -- i.e. you will not have to change any of your links (or <script> tags if you use any) when you switch over to the XML version.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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