I installed David's Allposters.pl script today and thought I would give you an overview if you are thinking of getting it -- and you should get it because it is excellent and FREE! David gives it to anyone that signs up as his AllPosters sub-affiliate.

The site I made is here:


Let me point out that this is not a trivial site. This site consists of over 80 MEG of html pages covering posters on every conceivable subject (I can't wait to get these pages into the search engines!). All this is generated by AllPosters.pl -- it's a no-brainer.

Allposters.pl generates a complete web site for selling posters. It can also integrate results from Amazon.pl on the selected topics. For example, if you drill down to Movies/Gangster Movies/Godfather Trilogy posters, your page will also show VHS, books and other Godfather-related items from Amazon on the same page as the posters. This is cool! If you're going to use the Amazon option, be sure to install Amazon.PL before you start testing AllPosters.

Before generating the pages, you select a default template and modify it if you want to (I added a logo to mine and changed a few colors). Actually, there are two required templates - one for the index.html page and another for the remaining pages. Modify them both if you like.

Once you have the templates set the way you want you can generate the entire web site or just general individual categories (such as "Animals"). You'd probably want to do this if the main focus of your site was not posters. Just build the categories you need.

I chose the option to generate all the pages on my PC (instead of on my server) so that I could study them. This process takes about 35 minutes on a 500Mhz PIII. As I mentioned, my particular configuration generated about 80MEG of individual html files. Of course, if you run the program on your server you'll avoid having to upload all of them, but I wanted to experiment on the PC.

After generating the pages I FTP'd everything to my web site. That process took about 4 hours.

The web site was then fully functional. Most people will probably be happy with it as is but I decided to add a min-store feed to the index page. I felt that the home page need some actual posters, so I choose the AllPosters bestseller feed which displays the 3 most popular posters. It's just a snippet of code that you paste into the index.html that AllPosters.pl generates for you.

This was definitely one of the easiest scripts I've used. I love affiliate web sites like this because they make money for you while you're asleep. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]