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    The default paths to the cache dirs in amazon.ini seem to assume they are "below" where the script is.

    Can I set these to anywhere - a full server path (/home/virtual/etc/etc)? - basically so sites on the same server can share the cache dirs?

    I know I could just try it - but I'm not sure how I would know it's working =:>

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    Short answer: depends upon your webserver.

    You can set the cache directory cache.dir (and the image cache directory imgCache.dir) to a full server path so that all websites on your webserver try to write to one common cache directory (and one common image cache directory). The default of cache.dir (and of imgcache.dir) is a path relative to the directory where is located.

    If you have multiple websites on the same server, then you can set all the cache.dir variables to the same full server path (e.g.: /home/virtual/ or whatever). And do the same for the imgcache.dir variables.

    However, a common directory may not work if your webserver runs each website's httpd process under a different user account (e.g.: admin1, admin2, admin3, ...). Some webservers run the httpd process under one user account for all websites (e.g.: www).

    You may have to set the permissions of the common amazon-cache (and amazon-imgcache) directory to CHMOD 777 (rwxrwxrwx) -- though first try CHMOD 775 (rwxrwxr-x). This has not been tested.

    To see if the common directory works, purge the cache -- login using SSH and rm all the .tmp files in the common cache. Then access /cgi-bin/ at one website and look at the cache. Then access /cgi-bin/ at another of your websites and look at the cache -- more files should be there. If not, then you can't use a common directory.

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    I understand - it won't work.

    Got half-way down your reply and realised ownership of the cache dirs and the files therein was going to be the problem.

    Doggone file ownerships keep tripping up my plans to streamline management of all my domains on one server [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img]

    Thanks for the explanation though - evry day I understand more ...

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