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    Ok, I wanted to break it up a bit - because we got too much going on in that last thread - and people will never be able to search it for help.

    Here is the lastest question please forgive me if it is explained in the variables section:
    I want to do a search within a mode node. Example - search books for the software "Maya" within "node 5" but it doesn't see the different between mode=books and mode=5 in the search string - so I get "Mayan" books in the result list as well as the Maya computer software books.

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    To clarify, the problem is that searching for "Maya" in mode=books is returning related items (e.g.: books about Maya animation) and some unrelated items (e.g.: books about the Mayan culture).'s XML Web Services supports search for keywords in a particular store (e.g.: mode=books). It does not support searching in a particular "section" of a store (e.g.: browse node 4134, Graphics & Illustration).

    The two solutions are:

    1. Use more keywords. Try searching for "Maya animation" instead.

    2. Use ASIN lists. Create a text file containing all the ASIN's that you want to show related to Maya animation books. Save the file as amazon-asin/maya.txt then show results using:

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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