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    January 17th, 2005
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    I just did a search for shoparama on Google and a site came up with a link to an Allposters PL URL on Shoparama. I don't get it...

    Does anyone have a clue what could be happening?
    Tim Giago
    ... 10 All Posters Search : Tim Giago ... Tim Giago Tim Giago Poster 22
    in. ... URL: ... c13412-tim-giago.shtml - 28k - Cached - Similar pages
    [ More results from ]


    Best Regards...

    Live and Let Shwing.

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    Looks like they had links to you on a previous google index. Look at the cached page, and there it is. Also look at the "similiar pages" for that site, and you'll see it for a lot of your all-poster pages, all linked showing in the cached pages.

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    Thanks BLFH,

    Still not sure why he would want to link to my Allposters search but no harm done..


    Live and Let Shwing.

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    It looks like that website was showing keyword-related search results via and some of your webpages showed up in those search results. It indicates that some of your webpages are indexed in's search engine.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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