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    January 17th, 2005
    I'm running from the server and am having trouble getting to put the files in the right directory. I have changed the script to point to the directy (i.e. ../, etc.) but the script will only output to the html directory in cgi-bin. If I delete the html directory, the script gives and error that the html direcotry is missing.

    Any ideas?

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    The default value for rootDir variable is "html".

    Is gocollect.ini in the same directory as the file?

    When you run via SSH/telnet, are you in cgi-bin directory, that is, did you do a cd to get to the cgi-bin directory?

    When you run, does it say "cfg: defaults" (means that built-in defaults processed) followed by "cfg: gocollect.ini" (means that gocollect.ini processed)?

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    I cd'ed to the cgi-bin from root after logging in via telnet. The script resides in .ini in same directory.

    yes, I get both of the .cfg messages when I run .pl

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    Sounds like there may be a lurking problem with the path you've given the script. It's possible the path you can see as a hosting customer isn't the full path the script needs.

    Possible fix while you work that out ...

    Let the script build the pages in cgi-bin/html and then use the unix move command. I hesitate to give any detailed *nix advice but I think you could run it from the level below your cgi-bin as:

    mv cgi-bin/html/* html

    Please research/check first though - I'm no *nix guru.

    Are you Crazy?

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    Thanks for the help. I figured it out and will share this so others will know.

    ***Don't edit your .ini file with DMX.

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