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    The templates are located in a directory
    such as /cgi-bin/amazon/amazon-template/etc.

    I read one posting where David said they could
    be located in the same directory as

    Can the templates be located in a directory
    that is not within cgi-bin?

    It occurred to me that having a directory such
    as "/amazon" for the store templates, off the
    root of my site might be helpful in getting the
    Amazon store pages indexed by search engines.

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    The location of the template directory is set by the template.dir configuration variable. The default value is "amazon-template".

    The script looks for templates in the directory specified by the template.dir configuration variable; if the template can't be found in that directory, the script then looks in the directory where is located. So you can put templates in the same directory where is located.

    You can put templates in a directory that is not within cgi-bin by setting the template.dir variable so it specifies the directory (e.g.: "../" or "/home/cusimano/html" or whatever). However, I do not recommend using a directory that is visible to search engines or to users since you do not want search engine spiders to see the "raw" template files since they do not contain any products results. If your goal is to have search engine spiders see results at a URL that is not /cgi-bin based, then use SSI (server side include) statements in HTML files. For example, create /toys.shtml and include < !--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/"--> in it to show toys. Note that links on that page will go to /cgi-bin/ (or wherever your is located) rather than to another .shtml file.

    From what I've seen in my logs most search engines, including, do follow /cgi-bin links and index what those links show.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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    Thanks David,

    Your answer is very helpful.
    Much appreciated.

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