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    I am helping a site out with getting the script installed and functioning. Their site has a common layout that consists of a header, two sections on the sides that consist of multiple link sections, and a middle section that holds the main content for the page.

    Their site is heavily PHP. Most of their content runs off of PHP with a mySQL database backend. What they would like to do is embed the script results in that middle section.

    I figured out the script tag to be able to present results in a page -- is there anyway to embed the normal in the site outline and leave all of the PHP active? Could I make a specialized template, with a PHP extension, point the script at it, and have that work?

    Let me know if I didn't provide enough this part time, good enough to muddle my way through most things, but not an expert.

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    To include output in a PHP page, you would use the PHP equivalent of an SSI include statement:


    The ssi parameter is required to tell that the results are being included in something.

    See also: PHP virtual() function documentation.

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