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    David, on all versions up thru the last XML for Amazon, our server serves the links up as et-cetera.

    Does the CGI-WORLD/CGIWRAP have any affect on Amazon tracking - or any affect on anything?

    Another question - BabiesRus - we don't see a single click through to any of their products, even though we made a lot of clicks ourselves while checking links. Does babiesRus not work on the XML? We weren't linking to them until your XML script came out.


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    The CGI-WORLD/CGIWRAP link is not related to tracking. The relevant links are the product links in the results. As long as your affiliate ID is set correctly and appears in those links, then your affiliate ID is being passed to for tracking.

    You will not see a detailed list of what products the users clicked on via XML links. Only a total count of clicks is reported in the "Traffic by Linking Method" traffic report under the heading " Web Services (XML)". Specifically, clicks of XML links do not show up on the "Traffic by Item - Click Throughs" report. plans on improving the XML related reports so that details are reported. See discussion thread "Reporting with AWS lacks info".

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    per: David Cusimano

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