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    I was looking at this page of yours:

    And wondering how you made that narrow column of items on the left? Can you share your formatting secrets, please? Thanks!

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    Two things are involved to generate that column: (1) results template, and (2) formatting template.

    The results template used (amazon-template/store/dvd.html since mode=dvd) contains a table that has the column heading, the border, the two links at the bottom of the column, and a < script> tag to display the products. Open this file in your HTML editor. The < script> tag is:

    < script SRC="">

    It is the format=column parameter that causes the results to be displays as a column by using the amazon-format/column.html formatting template.

    Open amazon-format/column.html in your HTML editor and you'll see that it is a < CENTER> tag followed by a < P> tag that displays the product thumbnail, the product name, and the product price. The width of the column is not specified here but rather in the table in the results template.

    The pagesize=5 specifies how many products to show in the column.

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