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    I'm finding takes up to 20 seconds to generate a page. I've enabled caching and set permissions, and my server is on a decent host ( Any suggestions as to what i can check/try? See this example

    Alan Richmond

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    I just changed the cache permissions from 775 to 777 and it seems faster now...

    Alan Richmond

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    With some web server configurations, the amazon-cache directory needs to be set to CHMOD 777 otherwise cannot write to the cache directory. If the cache directory cannot be written to, then has to always fetch data from the internet even if it is the same request.

    You can verify that data is being written to the amazon-cache directory by running your FTP program and looking at the contents of that directory. If you want, you can delete all the *.tmp files in the cache directory using your FTP program, access in your web browser, then refresh the directory in your FTP program (disconnect/reconnect if you have to) -- you should see one or more .tmp files in the directory.

    You can also speed up results if you set the pageSize configuration variable in amazon.ini to 10 (or 20); the factory default is 25. This will cause only 10 (or 20) results to be shown per page. This is faster because XML fetches results data from in blocks of 10 (that's the maximum that Web Services supports). By using 10 (or 20), only one block (or two blocks) have to be fetched; for 25 results, 3 blocks have to be fetched.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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