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    I started in e-commerce using drop ship distributors to handle the fullfilment of my products. I have built four sites, and I have really hit the maximum on the amount of time I can dedicate to these ventures. I still want to increase my income, so I am splitting out into affiliate marketing to increase my income with limited involvement on my end. My goal is 12 new sites this year - all affiliate sites.

    One of my four sites was doing okay, but I was having a big problem with my distributor keeping the stuff in stock, and I was basically making no money, even though I was getting 3 to 4 orders a week. These products were in the $40 - $80 range.

    So on January 31st I bought the script because Amazon carried the entire line of products I had on this site. I got the site all reconfigured using the Amazon script and dropping my own shopping cart. It went live on Saturday night (Feb. 1st).

    I just checked my Amazon stats and I have already had my first sale on Sunday! The only downside is that these products are Marketplace, so I only get 2.5%. But for basically doing nothing I will take it! This site was taking a ton of my time before the switch for little or no I can spend a bit more time promoting this and getting better search engine rankings, then things will really smoke.

    I thought I would just let you all know about my success! Now onto the next site......


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    ...congrats on your first 'powered by Cusimano' sale and may many more follow!

    Stanley accepting link exchange partners at -
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    I would be interested in some information about drop shipping contacts.

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