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    Is there a way to use modrewrite to clean up the URL's for this script? I have seen some examples of other scripts where the variables like "?" and "=" are removed in the URL.

    The biggest problem appears to be since the script generates links to itself, somehow these may need to be changed, which does not seem possible.

    I am just having no luck getting google to eat up any of my dynamic pages, except where I use SSI.


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    I have not looked into using the Apache server's mod_rewrite feature with XML.

    FYI to other readers: mod_rewrite could potentially allow using a URL such as /amazon/asinsearch/B00005JKWM (the parameter names and values appear to be directories) rather than /cgi-bin/ -- The assumption here is that search engines give a lower relevance to a URL that is clearly dynamic, that is, contains a question mark (?). I am not a search engine expert and I do not know how accurate this assumption is; in my logs I have seen search engines follow my dynamic links.

    As you indicated, recursive links that XML generates, such as links to details pages shown using XML, use "standard" dynamic URL's. Currently these cannot be changed.

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