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    First-time post, I think your product will work great for what I have in mind...once I get a few things straightened out:

    My first attempt at customization is using the <script> method in combination with the 'grid' tag. Placement of the items is as I'd expect when specifying 2 columns and 2 rows. The thing I can't figure out is how/where to format the information provided for the 4 items. I've tried using the 'format=' in conjunction with 'grid', but that doesn't seem to work.

    Specifically, I'd like to be able to change the font used in displaying the information for each individual item. Not able to find where the defaults for this kind of thing are stored.

    Any ideas where I can find this information? Thanks.

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    The font face & size used by grid= is not available as a script parameter or as a configuration variable. To change the font face & size, you will have to modify the formatting codes used for grids by doing the following:

    <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Make a copy of amazon-format/library.fmt to amazon-format/mylibrary.fmt

    <LI>Using Notepad (or some other plain text editor), open amazon-format/mylibrary.fmt and search for format.grid.cell then edit the font tag.

    <LI>Then in amazon.ini, set: format.library mylibrary[/list]Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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