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    I have a suggestion for concerning photos. I would like to see the script display a "No Photo Available" each and every time Amazon fails to include a photo for an item. Personally, I never know if its my browser that is not displaying the photos (I have extreme problems with that in XP) or its because Amazon has not included one. I think other people will want to know this as well. I wish you would consider this, as I believe it would help.


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    Set the congifuration variable imageWH to yes

    By setting imageWH yes, [no image] will appear if there is no image available for that product. The format.image.none formatting code in amazon-format/library.fmt defines what appears for no image.

    Note: Setting imageWH to yes causes XML to fetch each product image to determine if there is in fact an image or not; Web Services (AWS) always says there is an image even when there isn't one! The image is cached in amazon-imgcache to speed up subsequent results that include that image (FYI, the user's web browser fetches product images from the webserver, never from your amazon-imgcache).

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