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    I changed the output in the allposters script so instead of having c###-name.html type file names it is just name.html.

    Unfortunately, when it came to movie posters, this resulted in their being no index pages for the categories.

    Now, when you click from the main page to 'Animation' for example, it takes you to 'All of Animation Posters', instead of a page of links to all the animation pages. The resulting html page is called 'animation.html' - I'm assuming the proper index page must have had the same name.

    This happened with all movie categories, so I now have a movie section full of pages that no one can find.

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    The c###-name.html filename formatting must be used when categories with a large number of subcategories is selected, such as Movies. The name.html filename formatting will only work if there are only a few subcategories and the category names are unique.

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    per: David Cusimano

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    I was hoping that wouldn't be your reply - without the c### it's so much cleaner

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