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    How would you limit a searchbox result?

    For example, an author search that only returned available choices in audiobooks or large print books etc?

    Or a title search limited to sci-fi?

    What is the syntax to limit the search range?


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    1,369 XML v2.12.28 (the latest version as of this post) does not support limiting of search results.

    The next release of XML will support the "PowerSearch" search type of Web Services (AWS). PowerSearch lets you do complex queries for books such as possible on's Search Books / Power Search page. (Note: PowerSearch only works with books; it does not work with other product types such as DVD's).

    Some PowerSearch examples:

    "harry potter" audiobooks (audiobooks is browse node 44):
    powersearch= title: harry potter and browse: 44

    Wayne Dyer books that are large print:
    powersearch= author: wayne dyer and binding: large print

    "encyclopedia" sci-fi books (sci-fi books is browse node 25):
    powersearch= title: encyclopedia and browse: 25

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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    Thank you, David. When do expect this next upgrade to be released?

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