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    Any info on when the new update will be available?

    Also, last time I was looking into getting this script, it said that it didn't work on Windows servers. I don't see that warning anymore, so can I assume I can use this on my server running W2K?

    I have been using Anaconda, and while it still works, doesn't seem like it is going to be upgraded for AWS or that it is still being supported. So I am anxious to switch over.

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    Thanks for your interest in our script. We are currently preparing to release the next version our script. We anticipate the new version to be released next Tuesday or Wednesday (June 10th or 11th).

    When released next week, the new version of the script will include several new features, and improvements to some existing features. We will also be improving the documentation and improving the new user guide with more examples and step-by-step instructions for beginners.

    Some of the new features include:

    <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>price range filtering (only show products within specified price range - can be done case-by-case or globally). (e.g.: display only products that are priced under $50) Also, this feature can be used to eliminate the display of low-price products and produts priced over the $10-commission cap.

    <LI>ability to over-ride amazon's display of "This item is currently not available...." text and instead display your own choice of text.

    <LI>more automatic cross-linking in results (eg. if you call up Sleepless in Seatle movie, the script automatically adds cross-links to searches for Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan searches).

    <LI>support for via AWS.

    <LI>ability to search books using various Power Search criteria such as publisher, publication date, format, language (eg. Spanish) and more. (e.g.: display Spanish large print science fiction books published after 1990)

    <LI>support to display WishLists.

    <LI>(more)[/list]While you are waiting, you can still download a demo of the current version.

    Also, the current version works on an NT server provided that you have ActivePerl (or some other Perl) installed on your webserver. The upcoming has some improvements for NT users. I recommend that you try out the demo version of the script before purchasing.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano,Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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