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    David - one of those questions you must tire of ...

    I just changed my main amazon site to show product details locally by setting asinsearch.format to "details".

    It works fine - product details displayed within my page layout - but I'm not sure why!

    Looking at details.html in amazon-format, I can see the parts of that file that are controlling the product detail display - and if I edit this file, it is reflected in my product detail display. But the (details.html) file is actually a complete html page with head and body tags etc, even some explanatory text at the top.

    What happens to all the other html in details.html? How is it decided how much/little of it is included?

    ... or do I completely misunderstand what's happening?

    Are you Crazy?

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    Open the details.html file in your HTML editor (or a text editor such as Notepad) and you'll see that various portions of the HTML have matching open/close format tags such as:

    ...some HTML to show the products details...

    This defines the format.cell formatting code to be whatever text/HTML is between the open/close format tags. The open/close format tags are really just HTML comments.

    Any thing in details.html that is not between a pair of matching open/close format tags is ignored.

    The details.html file also contains definitions for some other formatting codes used to format the results:

    <!--format.header--> ... <!--/format.header-->
    <!--format.footer--> ... <!--/format.footer-->
    <!--format.moreInfo--> ... <!--/format.moreInfo-->
    <!--format.noResults--> ... <!--/format.noResults-->

    For additional information, see Format Templates.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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    Gotcha - all the other html that was confusing me is just to let it be viewed in a browser for study etc. Only stuff in the format tags is processed by the script - to replace the results tag in my page template.


    Sorry to drag you away from (what I guess is) final debugging of "AE"

    Are you Crazy?

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