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    I do have the feeling that this is an Amazon XML prob rather than an prob... but just in case...

    I've noticed that with many items -- at least with the digital cameras I spot-checked -- the price displayed via is often higher OR lower than the price shown on's Web site.

    Any idea why this might be? Or how to better insure accuracy?

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    There's probably 3 possible reasons why the prices might appear differently between's AWS ( Web Services) and's website:

    1. AWS has the incorrect price. This has been reported on's discussion forum by some users of AWS.

    2. The price recently changed and the old price is in your data cache (ae-cache directory). In that case, either lower the cache stale time (cache.stale configuration variable) or purge that page from the cache so it is loaded fresh next time (add &purgefile to the URL).

    3. At the website, you're looking at a "new & used" marketplace price. That marketplace price could be lower than the " price" returned by AWS.

    So, the things you can do about the potential price difference are either:

    1. Turn off prices by setting configuration variable: showprices no

    2. Add a note to your page template such as "Prices subject to change. Click for current price."

    3. Lower the cache stale time; however, this means potentially more data traffic and some slower results (because of first fetch to fill cache).

    4. Ask to make AWS match their website

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    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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