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    NM, i figured it out. How come the filing naming feature is so buggy? Like when you choose "n" instead of "cn", the file linking is totally messed up since lots of pages aren't linked so visitors/search engines can't ever find the html pages.

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    I also wanted to ask: If we used the filing name type "n" and don't use directories like "animals", "sports", will all of the potential poster pages still be generated? Or will some files like a animal poster page have conflicts with a movie poster page if their filename is the same? Can you please explain all this to me?

    I'm not even sure if different poster pages can have the same filename. If that's so, then I guess we'd have to use the directories scheme, correct? Let me know if this is a real conflict or I'm just thinking it up.

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    If there more than a handful of categories, then it is best to use "cn" file naming and directories otherwise filenames will conflict.

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