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    My system was working fine for several hours and then it crashed.

    Now when I try to access and view the file in my cpanel(website control panel) the file won'l allow me access and reads "permission denied".

    When I try to upload a copy of the from my pc my ftp status window also returns an "cant open that file. permission denied" response for the attempted upload of

    At the time of the crash I was indexing the site with my sitexpert search engine program.

    Could this be the problem. And,if so, how do I reset the system and avoid the problem in the future?

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    Your ISP probably disabled access to the file. Try deleting the file and reuploading it. Otherwise ask your ISP about why you can no longer access the file.

    You should not index any URL (either /cgi-bin/ or Virtual Directory) since your indexer would try to traverse literally millions of unique URL's. Configure your indexer to skip URL's. For a search form, you should use a keyword search or an advanced search. The default templates (ae-template/default.html and ae-template/store/default.html) come with a keyword search form at the top of the left sidebar.

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    per: David Cusimano

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    You were right. My host provider shut me down without telling me.

    It's all set now.



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