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    I've read and re-read the technical documentation, but can't seem to figure out the code for this:

    I want to integrate with <script> in a page the bestsellers for a subsection an Amazon, Bed and Bath. The Amazon page URL is:
    (I wrapped the URL, which strangely begins with a 10).
    I want the results to show as a grid with pictures:

    If someone could be so kind as to show me a sample like this I could do a bunch more pages, but I'm stuck.

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    1,369 does not provide access to that URL through Web Services (AWS). Not all URL's are accessible through AWS. Only URL's that are "browse" URL's are accessible through AWS.

    The URL of their "Bed & Bath" section is

    This URL looks like "/browse/-/NUMBER/". This indicates that it is an "browse" URL. The NUMBER indicates the browse number to use with In the above link, the browse number is 1057792.

    Therefore, you would use something like the following to link to bestselling "Bed & Bath" products:

    To use it in a <SCRIPT> and to display results in a grid, add those options (and any other options you want) to the URL:

    <SCRIPT SRC="/cgi-bin/,n,r:2,p,m,u">

    FYI, if you want to link to all of Bed & Bath, then use something like:

    NOTE: Some products do not have product images that are accessible through AWS even though the website may show an image for the product. The problem is with's AWS.

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