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    This may sound like a stupid question, but I have always run my allposters script on my PC and then uploaded the results using ftp. This takes much too long (5 hours to upload). Can the allposter's script be installed on my server under the cgi-bin dir and run from there?

    If so, how should my ini file look? Like the example here :#-- Settings you might have to change --

    rooturl /store/photos/pages # Partial URL of root where written files are (don't include domain name)
    rootdir store\photos\pages # Directory where files are to be written (can be relative or absolute path)


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    If you selected a lot of poster categories, then we do not recommend running via your web browser since would be stopped if your internet connection stopped (either by you pressing escape or your webserver timesout). If you do run it via your web browser (or via SSH/telnet), then set rootdir to either the absolute or relative path where files are to be written.

    Example of relative path: ../posters
    Example of absolute path: /home/virtual/mywebsite/var/www/html/posters

    A relative path is relative to the location of the file. In unix/Linux/MS-DOS, the "../" means "back out one directory" relative to the current location. And "../../" means "back out two directories" relative to the current location. Etc.

    An alternative is for you to create the files on your Windows PC, then zip all the created HTML files into a .zip file, then upload that .zip file to your webserver (put it in the directory where it is to be unzipped, e.g.: / or /posters). Then have your hosting company unzip it for you. (unix/linux servers can support .zip files.)

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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