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    [edited because the problem isn't as widespread as I thought ... and I was testing when allposters was flaky ]

    searchNum in the "best" include file works when there are posters in the cat - it just doesn't work on the intermediate category levels. I'd hoped it would - but can see why it doesn't

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    The "best" include file (allposters-include/best.html) displays the best selling posters in a category via an IFRAME that comes from the server. If the server is inaccessible (down, etc.), then the IFRAME contents will show an error. Note: does not have a best sellers IFRAME for a few categories -- on those category pages, a "404 file not found" error shows up in the IFRAME. is aware of the fact that some IFRAME's are not available from the server. Only can fix the problem. If you want a particular category's best selling IFRAME to work, ask to implement the best selling IFRAME for that particular category #.

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