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    January 17th, 2005
    Did anyone just get an email from ebay about their new tiered structure? Is there some sort of catch that I'm missing? Starting today (May 15) through at least August 31, they are paying $6 per active registration if you get 0-500 per month (the majority falls in here), $9 for 501-2000, $10 for 2001-5000, $11 for 5001-10000, and $12 for over 10000. I'm not really seeing a down side to this! Even the little guys are making $1 more per active registration. I don't know how the current tier works, but I'm pretty sure the big guys aren't making $12 per active registration right now.


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    Well _I_ didn't get an email. :^(

    What makes YOU so special? Huh? :^)

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    January 17th, 2005
    If anyone in here considers themself one of the "top performers" with the ebay program on CJ you might also have the chance to win a trip to Hawaii! Not that I would have a chance at that, but I can always dream of earning tens of thousands every month with one affiliate program AND getting a vacation in Hawaii.

    So did anyone else get the email yet? I would imagine this would be pretty big news around here.

    PS - It was sent through the CJ email system, so if you have opted to not receive emails in that manner (if you can opt out, I'm not sure) then you may not get the email.

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    January 17th, 2005
    I did, I did! Not that I consider myself to be a top performer of anything - but my leads have increased steadily and tremendously since then. Cool!

    Guess I better find a way to attach the laptop to the exercise bike - lol!


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    January 18th, 2005
    ARGH! Is this going to happen on BeFree as well? I changed over to BeFree because of the issue with CJ's links being blocked by kazaalite's host file. In the end it will probably be a wash - but argh!

    I swear, sometimes I can never, ever get a break.


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    Of course, the difficulty here is getting the Leads to stick. It means nothing if you sign up 10,000 new customers for eBay, only to have 75% of them reversed after a month goes by. (Yes, I realize you still keep the ones that aren't reversed, but there are still to many reversals with this program.)

    I'd rather be able to keep the ones I'm already getting, even at a lower price, instead of being given the opportunity to make more money if they stick.

    I think eBay runs a decent program, the one issue is the 30-day bid requirement for new Leads. Why? It's a way of avoiding payment. They get to keep the customer, so if it's a year before they bid on something, they still have them, I get nothing.

    eBay has their verified, honest-to-goodness-ISP-generated E-mail address, and/or a major credit card on file, so what's the big deal? If it's a duplicate, they don't qualify, nobody gets paid.

    This new offer isn't going to have me out running around creating new eBay pages, not until eBay finds a way to make sure we get paid for the Leads we already send them. It's not my problem that there's nothing listed at eBay they want to bid on within 30 days. eBay still has a new customer because of me, I got squat.


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