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    January 17th, 2005
    I was looking at some new pages I put up with script calls, and the AdSense ads on the page appear to be picking up keywords from the Amazon descriptions, not the other text.
    Question: A bot only sees the script code, right? I mean, it doesn't really "see" what the browser displays, right? Here's the page:

    Thanks again for the help,

    Added: Well, now it does seem to be picking up the other text. But could you still answer my dumb question?

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    Over my head with the tech side on this reply but I think this is right.

    If the bot enters through port 80 it will see just like the actual browser.

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    January 17th, 2005
    That's actually v interesting.

    It's been my (and I believe general) understanding that bots read the code. javascript paints the content into the browser window at an OS/display level and therefore has been SE invisible.

    It does however look like the AdWords are picking up on the js output in your example. This is contrary to previous behaviour I think.

    This could be tested by only putting javascript on a page so no other confusing text ... might do that later.

    The point being of course that if google have done this with Adsense, they could be doing it in indexing for SE results.

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    I believe I've read that Google can read JavaSript but has choosen not to. The bots that read your site for SE results and for AdSense are not the same.

    Maybe the mediabot does read JavaScript. I would suggest trying a test like Crazy Guy suggested.

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    My understanding is that spiders (Google, AdSense, etc.) do not "run" any &lt;script&gt; tags. It is interesting that your webpages are showing very relevant Google ads! Perhaps it is because of the &lt;title&gt; tags, &lt;meta&gt; tags, and body text that you have in the HTML of your webpages.

    FYI, if you use Server-Side-Includes (SSI) instead of &lt;script&gt; tags, the output of Associate Engine will appear as HTML in your webpages. In that case, all spiders will see the results since actual HTML will be in the webpage. Note: I once tried SSI on some pages showing Google ads and only ads showed up -- so right now I'm not showing Google ads on any related pages.

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    David, if you go into your AdSense panel, click on "Settings" then on "URL filter" you can block Amazon ads (or any other) from appearing on your sites.

    I did that, and it works.

    BTW I've posted a stripped page with a script call and Adsense on it, and we'll see what happens. Stay tuned...


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    Hi there Crazy Guy, where in Scotland are you from? I'm from Aberdeen.


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    Maybe the bot isn't seeing your Amazon descriptions. Your page has NEC in the title, meta description, meta keywords, and header tags. So why wouldn't each Adsense ad have NEC
    in the title of the ad.

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